Friday, October 01, 2010

Perfect Fall Night

Tonight we slipped into a football game at the high school.  I was hesitant (ok, fine, panicky!) about having the baby around a crowd, but one of our most special high school friends was being crowned Homecoming Queen and the baby didn't want to miss it.  So, we slipped in the side and stayed away from the crowd in the unofficial "adult" area and made a "don't touch the baby" rule.  It was awesome. 

Have I mentioned that I love my Sleepy Wrap?  Thanks, T!

It's so fallish tonight.  The cool weather, the sound of the drum line, the crisp air, the cheering brings back a lot of memories.  Tonight made a special memory, too.  I met these wonderful girls when they were in 7th grade, and now they are seniors.  In the span of that time I've graduated college, gotten married, and had a baby.  And that baby got to go see these girls walk across the field for homecoming.  (Ok, fine...she slept through it all.  But she loved every second of it!)

Did I mention that I love them?

Because I do.  Love. Them.

All my girls!

Oh look!  More ladies I love!

Me, W and the "Queen Mum."  We were trying to decide if she could rule the school through her daughter and if W is a princess by proxy.

First family game...sort of.  We'll go back again in a few weeks when she's bigger and maybe actually stay more than just halftime/see more than a few people/sit in the stands.  Maybe!  Oh and, Go Cougars!

When we got home, Hubby made the first fire of the year.  I LOVE our fireplace.  It makes our home so cozy and we love cuddling the baby and eating food and...blogging.  :)

Speaking of being bigger, someone had a doctor appointment yesterday and is up to 7.3 lbs!  Sheesh, they aren't kidding when they say "they grow so fast!"

There's those feet sticking up again!  She loves to stick them straight up.  Loved it when she was in the womb, too.  Ribs STILL bruised there!
Yup, loves it.
Well, goodnight!

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  1. Anonymous9:00 AM

    1.) You're welcome and may I say that you are rockin' that sleepy wrap, girl.
    2.) I love that you went to a football game. :)
    3.) I love that she is wearing her hospital hat in that last picture.
    4.) I love her and YOU. :)


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