Saturday, October 16, 2010

One Month

 Our sweet baby girl,

Yesterday you turned one whole month old.  A whole month.  It's really just like everyone says; we can't believe it's been that long and yet you've fit so perfectly as a part of us and our family that it's hard remembering how it was without you.  Daddy says it's hard to remember the end of me being pregnant with you.  He just remembers me being itchy all the time!

We've gotten a whole month of cuddling you, singing to you, talking with you and showing you off.  We love learning about you and finding out who you are.  You love it when we sing to you, just like you loved dancing to music when you were inside me.  It's funny though- when you were in me, music made you move, but now it makes you still and quiet.  You love the sound of your cousin's voice, especially when she sings to you.  You still like to be awake right around 4 in the morning, the same time of day you woke me up when I was pregnant and the same time of day you were born.  Even though you like to play at that time of day, you're not a morning person yet.  You like to be awake and play in the middle of the day and late in the evening, just like me.  We joke that you like a good meal and good conversation because you take a long time to finish eating!  Sometimes though, you get so hungry that when you first begin to eat you take such big gulps you forget to come up for air.  Then you take quick gasping breaths before going back for more.  It's the way I wish I could eat brownies and ice cream.  You love your clown that plays "It's a Small World."  You love taking baths, stretching your toes into the stream of water and staring at the splashes.  You like sitting in your special chair while I cook in the kitchen.  You love good company, and love being held and cuddled all the time, which is fine by us.

There is nothing sweeter in the world than the sounds of your little breaths softly rising and falling, or your little sighs when you are dreaming, or your growly little voice as you talk to your Groovy blanket or a toy.  Sometimes you make the funniest sound that reminds of us the yard sale lady on Mad TV.  (I'll explain that one when you're older!)  I love how you get angry if you're not being cuddled because I love holding you in your sleepy wrap, keeping you warm and safe snuggled close to me.  I love napping with you, cuddling you in the nook of my arm or letting you sleep on my chest.  I love how little and cozy you are.  Our long, sleepy cozy mornings are precious to me.  I even love how your feet stick straight out and you point your toes when you are mad (which is rare because you're so sweet) as if it's the only way you know how to make your point.  You make us laugh all the time.

We've loved watching you grow, your tiny frame just starting now to fill out the slightest bit into soft, doughy baby rolls and your hair curling up in little waves all over your head.  It won't be long at all until you've outgrown your newborn clothes.  Every new little thing you do is a grandiose event to us, whether it's a funny way you're sleeping with your mouth open, watching you notice something for the first time, or taking you somewhere like apple picking.  One of our friends told us that we'd love sitting at home just watching you, and she was so right.  You are far and away the most happenin' thing there is in town on a Friday night. 

We are so utterly enamored by you, sweet girl.  As you step forward into this great and grand world and all of its discoveries unroll before your feet, we hope that you know nothing better than how much you are loved; by me, by Daddy, by the rest of our family, and most of all by the God of the universe who knit you together and who has extravagant plans for your life.   It's utterly crazy to me that as much as I love you, it's only a mere reflection of God's very real and very vast love for you.  What a gift that we get to share this life with you.

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  1. You are so beautiful and so is sweet little Waverly! I can't believe the beautiful darling is already one month old! I hope you share your blog entries with he when she is older, so she can appreciate how beautiful and loved she is by you and Lenny, even when all she can do is lay there. You are such a loving and beautiful mother :)


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