Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Less of that and more of this

We are excited.

"What do you mean?  This IS my excited face."
Hubby's job transferred him to the much closer office, which means as much as an hour and a half a day less of traveling in rush hour, and therefore an hour and a half more of this:

and this:

Maybe next we'll find out they are going to pay him $10k more a year?


  1. 1.) Adorable photos (she looks like she's smiling in the second to last one).
    2.) Yay for the transfer!
    3.) Yes to $10k more - I'll be praying for that AND paid time off for that class.
    4.) Love ya, girl!
    5.) We need to hang out.

  2. That's wonderful!!!

  3. I think you saved MORE money than that by losing that commute and by having daddy around to help.


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