Wednesday, September 22, 2010

One Week

Oh baby girl.

You are so absolutely and utterly loved.  As I sit here looking at your sweet and perfect face, so contentedly sleeping, I can't believe we've lived a whole week with you or the rest of our previous lives without you.

You are such a good baby.  You give us "Angel Kiss" smiles all the time; I don't know that I've ever known such a tiny smiley baby.  You're very patient while Mama and Daddy learn how to take care of you.  You look so much like me, but we think you have Daddy's eyes, ears and toes.  We love your "shifty" eyes when you first wake up, the way you squint them up and look side-to-side because your eyes can't focus yet.  You also like to give us the "Pirate Eye," opening just your right eye and leaving your left one tightly shut.  Sometimes in the early morning, when you wake up to eat after the sun has come up, you blink and blink and furrow your brows because you probably feel grumpy, just like me in the morning.

Everyone loves to hold you.  You are just so fun to stare at and admire every tiny part of you.  Your cousin loves to sing to you and she was really the first person you locked eyes with.  You love her little voice.  You love to be cuddled close, especially by me and Daddy and Nana.  Nana wants to be with you all the time.  She loves you so much and has helped Daddy and I understand you so much better.

Daddy hates leaving you to go to work.  We told you that he has to go though so that he can buy you a pony someday.  He came back home on Monday and just held and held you because he missed you so much.  You love to curl up on his chest.

 You are so perfect, baby girl.  We love you just exactly the way you are.  We love your soft little kitten sounds, your squeaks and sighs, your unbelievably soft skin, your curly little lips, the tiny waves in your downy hair, the delicious smell of your skin.  I wish I could bottle that up and keep it forever.  You don't have to do one single thing except be you and we love you for it.  I am excited for the day when you understand that is how God loves you.

I don't like going to sleep at night because I know tomorrow you'll be bigger and I want to keep you tiny forever, but I love the peaceful stillness of waking up together in the night.  I love the way you feel curled up on my tummy because when you wiggle you feel like you did when you were in my tummy.  I cried at the doctor's when she told me you had to come because I scared for you and because I thought I wasn't ready to give up being the only one to hold you and feel you.  But holding you in my arms and sharing you with others have been the greatest blessings of my life.  Each day with you is precious to us as we learn more about you and who you are.  I've dreamed of you since I was old enough to know I could have a baby of my own someday, dreamed of what you might look like, dreamed of cuddling you close.  You really are our dream come true, and we love every fiber of your being.

Happy One Week, Sweet Pea.  It's been the best of my life.


  1. So sweet! :) I can't wait to see you this weekend!

  2. Taylor that is simply beautiful. What a love letter to your little girl. She will be so overjoyed to read that when she is older. Congrats on your new precious bundle of JOY! -Stacey


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