Thursday, September 30, 2010

Baby Gear

 Ok, so great minds think alike.  My friend T just posted a list of items she couldn't live without for her baby, and I already had a post started about the same thing!  You know, since I'm so full of mommy-know-how and experience after these two weeks.  ;)  But I do have friends who are expecting, and these are the things I've loved so far!

Baby gowns- These make diaper changes at night SO much easier, especially for Daddy who has a hard time with teeny tiny baby snaps.  :)  They are elastic at the bottom so you can just pull them up and pull them back down!

Summer Infant or Kiddopotamus baby swaddlers- I didn't register for any of these because I thought they would be kind of a joke.  Why not just use a blanket?  Well, my baby can wiggle out of a blanket in about 5 seconds, no matter what I do.  Thankfully, a sweet grandma at a yard sale I went to basically MADE me take two swaddlers (for basically nothing) and I wish I could find her and thank her!  Baby sleeps so much better when she's swaddled at night, and again, the swaddlers make diaper changes quick.  I can just pull out the bottom part and not even undo her arms.

Huggies- I'm not a big fan of Pampers so far.  They have this extra dry-weave stuff that gets REALLY dry so it sticks to her little bottom!  Then I have to pull it off and she doesn't like it.  Pampers also leaves behind these little crystals that just make me think, "Ew, chemicals!"

Arm's Reach Co-Sleeper (or a Graco Pack n' Play)- A lot of folks recommended the Arm's Reach, but we opted for (and were blessed by!) a regular Graco pack n' play. I adore our pack n' play; the colors are adorable and it's a great size and I love the little canopy.  It also fits perfectly in our small room; the co-sleeper wouldn't have.  It's just a little awkward lifting her out of it at night because it's lowish, so it might be worth the extra cost to go with an Arm's Reach.  Just a thought, if you have the space!  If not, go with the travel size pack n' play...we love ours. 

Hydrogel Nursing pads- Lifesavers.  I used them right from the get-go at the recommendation of a friend and I think they've saved me a lot of discomfort!  Start using them day one, whether you have discomfort or not!  I didn't use lanolin; it felt gross to me.  LOVED these.

Moses basket- We love ours!  It's so nice to have something downstairs to lay her in, although I think she spends about 5 minutes a day in it.  We'd rather hold her.  Plus, it's so pretty.

Sleepy Wrap- LOVE. IT.  Baby is still getting used to it.  She really likes to stretch out her legs (not surprised, based on the fact that my ribs are still sore where she always had her little foot jammed!) so she gets a little frustrated in it if she's not totally asleep.  But I love it.  I feel pregnant again when she's snuggled up so close to me.
*Update*:  My only issue with the Sleepy Wrap is that it's so long and awkward to wrap up.  It's also pretty hot to use in the summer months.  I've read that the Baby K'Tan holds the baby in the same way but comes in two pieces so it's less awkward and faster to put on.  It also comes in a breathable mesh version.  

Aden and Anais Muslin Wraps- Awesome for swaddling because they are so big!  They are also so breathable and soft.

Adorable hats and clothes- Because who doesn't want an owl on your baby's head?

There you have it.  All of my grand knowledge in one post!

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