Thursday, June 24, 2010

About Cliches...

Yup, I ate half a watermelon by myself on the beach. Well, I guess I shared a few bites. One might think that eating something as messy as watermelon on the beach is the worst idea ever, but a little-known fact about me is that I can do pretty much anything neatly if I set my mind to it. Especially when it comes to food. I hate food messes and will stop at nothing to avoid them; it's one of the things that terrifies me about being a mom. The mom of the little girl I tutored in college (gosh do I miss that family!) used to make fun of me and tell me I'm going to make my kids neurotic.

Note the look of intense concentration. I fed watermelon to a two-year-old on the beach without one stray drop of sugary water anywhere and without crunching on sand. See? I can do this! I can keep my crazy!
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