Monday, May 03, 2010

Today is going to be interesting!

(Still not sure if that was a Maggiano's bump or baby bump. :) I think a little of both! 17 weeks.)

7 am:
Me- Babe, wake up, I can't sleep
Him- mmmhhmmmub...why?
Me- Because I keep waking up suddenly either really excited or really mad.
Him- Why?
Me- Well, really excited about the appointment today, of course, and really mad about stuff at work.
Him-....well, if you feel mad, you can squeeze my hand really hard if you want.
Me-....well, I'd rather punch you in the face.
Him- What? Why?!
Me- I just don't think hand squeezing will be effective. Face-punching would feel so much better.

I think he should be a little worried about delivery day!

The baby is moving around like crazy today. I think Baby Smith is excited to find out if he's a boy or girl, too! I really want to stop saying "Baby Smith," which is a misnomer, because really, I'm the babysmith; the one making the baby! So today, if the baby cooperates, we'll know. (Please cooperate, Baby!) My mom and niece are coming to the appointment too, and my niece is excited to "see the baby on the t.v." She actually saw an ultrasound a couple of weeks ago when my mom took me to a follow-up after a hospital visit (side note- I haven't taken nausea meds this morning! First time in weeks!) but was a little disappointed, I think. We kept telling her that was the baby on the tv, but she just watched and looked a little confused. Then she said, "The baby's so funny!" and "I want to kiss it!" and we moved on with our day.

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  1. Taylor you look amazing! So excited for you guys and I hope the baby will cooperate for you, have fun at the ultrasound!!


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