Thursday, August 20, 2009

Good Theology, Bad Timing

Kids often lack filters.

Everyone knows it. I can't tell you how many adults look at me in "shock" when they find out I've been kicked in the face by a horse and say, "Oh wow you'd never know!" only to have a kid ask me five minutes later, "Why are you eyes different sizes? And what's that red line on your face?" Oi!

In May, a friend of my husbands was in a horrible accident that left him paralyzed. His is recovering very well and is expected to regain close to normal movement eventually. I asked my students to make him a get-well card. Here is the note that made me choose not to send the card:

"Mr. J if you beleive in the Jesus I beleive in you can die today we hope you dont but if you do you will be in a better place."

Ok, um...what?

In the words of my husband; good theology; bad timing.

I pulled this kid aside to kindly discuss said timing, as well as filtering your words and how to write a get-well card.

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  1. Oh wow... what a good lesson for that student though! Unfortunately, I am not sure that the "good theology, bad timing" thing is just a kid thing. A good reminder for all of us, for sure!


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