Tuesday, April 14, 2009

May I Say One Thing?

"May I say one thing? The moment a person finds their voice…is the moment their life takes on grace."

- The Lady in The Water (Great movie, by the way.)

I really liked this article I found today. The idea of "finding your voice" is really cool to me, especially as a middle school teacher trying to guide students. I don't know that I would have given the article this title. Still mulling over some of the thoughts, though.

Want to Know the Real Reason Why You Write?

Just to clarify, as much as I love the quote above, I believe that the moment a person's life takes on grace, literally, is the moment they choose Christ as Lord of their life. I believe that a relationship with Christ is the essential, pivotal first step to understanding your voice, or purpose, in life. Your life has a voice and takes on purpose from that first moment of choosing grace. But finding the ability to USE that voice is a whole other step, and often a long, long process. And for some, writing is an incredible, God-given way to pipe up!

There. I feel better!

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