Saturday, February 21, 2009

My husband is wonderful

Why, you might ask?

Because he spent a total of two afternoons last weekend looking at, measuring for, debating over and ultimately buying these:

Lucketts is a wonderful place. Just north of Leesburg, in the heart of horse country in the foothills of the Appalachians are a cute collection of funky fun antique and design stores. We've been frequenting them for years, and recently they're getting pretty discovered. Which also means their prices are going up. But I digress. I got great deals on this antique dresser painted bright blue and an awesome old church pew bench.

We went on Saturday to check some stuff out, but couldn't choose and felt like we needed to measure a few areas first. So we went home and came back on Sunday with my mom and a truck. He even re-shopped all of the stores because my mom was with us and wanted to look without a single bit of impatience! Isn't he gWeat?

There was a moment of panic when we had finally decided on the bench and the dresser. We bought the dresser at one store and went over to the other store for the bench at 4:45; they were closing at 5. The woman had told us the price of the bench the day before. All of a sudden she told us she had messed up and told us the wrong price, and that the bench was only being sold with the awful old table. PANIC. But after some pleading, measuring (the bench was wayyy too long for the table) and a phone call to her boss, she realized she was right the first time and all was well. Crisis averted!

The dresser was easy to clean up and looks great in our green bedroom. The only tricky part is we have to put our tv on top of it for now, because unfortunately our bedroom is the only place in the house that gets any reception.

The bench was a little trickier. It took a lot of hosing down (outside in 20 degree weather!) and scrubbing with comet.
My favorite salt and pepper shakers enjoyed watching the fun:

In between the two days of shopping, my sweet hubby took me to a Valentine's Day swing dance after I made him a special dinner of gluten free fried shrimp. Yup, we're pretty much in love!

On our day off on President's day we decided to tackle painting our hallway. Ever tried painting that section of hallway wall over the staircase? Oh, it's really, really, REALLY fun. Especially the teetering on the 6ft (still too short) ladder trying to peel off tape and having it pull chunks of paint with it. That's after you've been back and forth to Home Depot trying to get the color right and still not loving it. I definitely never felt like crying or swearing. It was blissful...Yeah, right.

But my husband is a doll and was so patient and is a good painter. All's well that ends well:

PS. The inaccuracy of color in these photos only makes me pine all the more for my digital SLR.
PPS. Isn't Lucketts the best town name EVER?

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  1. Anonymous8:31 PM

    I LOVE your pew and dresser. I'd love to go out to that town and do some antiquing and vintage hunting. :) You'll have to tell me more about it sometime! I grew up antiquing with my grandma and still love it when I find a "find." Awesome!


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