Sunday, February 22, 2009

I'm 25? Really?

"No!" says 13 me.

"Oh, Feathers, that is so funny. We won't ever be 25," says 11 me.

Today is my birthday. I am 25 and for some reason that is making me not want to have a birthday. So I thought I'd head over to Cake Wrecks to get myself in the mood, at least to make the gluten free cake I'm making. I found this amazing cake picture at the amazing blog:
Gummi Beaaaaaaars! Bouncing here and there and every where! High adventure that's beyond compare! We are the Gummi BEARS!

Gummi Bears was one of my favorite shows as a kid. We didn't have cable though and it was a Disney channel show, so we'd watch it every day when they used to do those two-week free cable trials. (Remember those days?)

When I was really little, I had invisible babies. No, not invisible friends, invisible babies. I used to make my mom wait to buckle me into my car seat while I buckled my babies into their car seats. One of my babies was named Zummi Gummi.

Oh, nostalgia. How precious you are! I'm 25? I used to look like this:

I thought 25 looked like this:
But always, always loved and will always love this:I'm excited to go bake my gluten-free cake with the sweet rice flour I found at Lotte. Recipe to come!


  1. Nicole1:00 PM

    I love that you embrace being Mrs. Smith. I am still not there, after 12 years! ;-) 25 is young, that is when I met my Mr. Smith. And your sister-in-law is old do you think it makes me feel to hear you are 25? LOL! I remember feeling the same way at 25, too. It's a milestone...and you'll have many many more...all happy, too!

  2. Now I finally know the real lyrics to Gummi Bears, so I can stop singing, "la la la la la without a care..."


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