Friday, October 14, 2005

Real World?

So I've been thinking a lot lately about how I'm going to be graduating soon, and when I graduate, I guess I have to get a job. Old people keep asking me, "Oh, so you're a senior? What are you going to do when you graduate?" and I just look at them like this is news to me, this idea of needing a direction, and then I say, "Oh, well...I'm not sure yet, but I do have some options." Little do they know what my current options are...
Aimless Vagabond
- Someday when I'm old, I can tell my grandkids that I traveled the world and they will think I am cool.
- I really like to sight-see. In fact, I love to sight-see. To me, however, sights are usually not tourist attractions. I like beautiful places, and I like to find the hidden ones that most people don't know about.
- I enjoy sleep. It's probably my favorite of my hobbies. Stacy and her friend Dan have a Nappers anonymous Club and I am the Official Power Napper. I feel like aimless vagabonds can sleep whenever the heck they feel like it.
- I really love showering. I love bubble baths even more.
- I am a huge fan of comfortable beds. Basically I am a comfortable bed connoisseur, as evidenced by my napping hobby.
- I get lonesome pretty easily. I need people around me all the time or I talk to myself way, way too much and sing made up songs too much.

So this is the job I have put a lot of thought into. I just might go for it. However, I know that in the working world you usually have to think through lots of options, so here are some other thoughts:

World Photographer
Somebody has to take all those pictures up on Webshots and in your Italian History textbook. Why not me?
Dolphin Watcher
Have you ever been to the beach and seen one of those boats go by churning up the water that says "SEE DOLPHINS!" on the side? I want to drive one, but somewhere more north so that I can watch for whales too, and actually I want to do it at night and listen to them sing.
Baby Tiger Care Giver
Seriously, does this need any explanation?
Wedding/Event planner
Except I hate working weekends, so we'll see.
Gluten-free Coffeeshop and Sandwich and Yummy Snacks Shop Owner (with a band!)
I've been working on some of my recipes, and seriously, you wouldn't even know that some of my food is gluten-free.
Co-owner, Operator and Manager of the Dixie Ducklings Dream Ranch
Amy girl, someday it's going to happen. Someday kids are going to come from all over to have their hearts healed through horses. Someday kids are going to step onto the farm grounds and be loved no matter what and have fun and work hard and get what Jesus is all about.

Well, those are are my current options. But I'm open to other suggestions, so suggest away!

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