Monday, September 26, 2005

My job at the chapel

Huh somehow I never posted this...oh well, it's only mildly interesting anyway.

Ohh man what a day! Today would have gone perfectlyif it weren’t for locking doors. It started off withme locking my car keys in my car like a moron, whichput me behind schedule. I walk up to the chapel at9:30 and (of course) the florists and a couple ofother people were already there waiting. I went toswipe my card to unlock the door and it didn’t work. I called security and they said they were having aproblem with the Linnel System and that they wouldsend an officer over, but that would have taken longerthan just waiting for the doors to unlock at 9:45 sowe decided to just wait. At 9:45 they didn’t unlock,so I called again and they got them unlocked by 9:50. But by then people were showing up and the sound stuffwasn’t set up at all or the alter and the weddingplanner seemed a little upset. She was great, but alittle, shall we say…high maintenance? I was tryingto just hurry and get everything set up, while stilldealing with trying to get my car unlocked, and peoplekept following me around and asking the samequestions, such as: “Are you getting the table? Whatabout that other mic? What about the table? Oh areyou getting that mic?” I kept smiling at them andsaying that I was getting to it, but I wanted toscream, “JUST GIVE ME 5 MINUTES AND EVERYTHING WILL BEREADY!” I had everything in place by 10:10, and theneveryone was completely happy. The other problem waswith the wireless mic- it just wouldn’t work no matterwhat I tried. We used a standing mic for the soloistinstead. Once the wedding got going, everything wasperfect. They were even out of here by 12:15, which Itotally wasn’t expecting since they didn’t leave therehearsal last night until 8:20. Someone came tounlock my car too! The next wedding got set up and such just fine, butone of the bridesmaids was really late. We were aboutto start without her when she finally showed up at2:15. We didn’t really start the ceremony untilnearly 2:25, so I was sure we were going to haveproblems with going over time, but shockingly theywere all packed up and out of there by 3:25! However,for the next wedding, it seemed like everyone showedup at 3:30. I didn’t even notice the photographercome in because I was busy with the other wedding, butat 3:25 I walked back into the chapel to set the alterand he was already there and had stuff set up already! The pianist showed up then too, and before I could doanything it seemed like there were 15 people in chapeland it was only 3:35. I let them stay, but Iannounced to everyone that “for future reference, youreally can’t come in until 3:45.” The whole group wasreally nice though and the wedding coordinator wasawesome- really organized and calm and nice! The bestpart was that I started messing with the handheld micagain and got it to work! I felt very tech-savvy. The concert was pretty simple and fun to watch. I’mgoing home now to soak my feet…I am never wearingheels here again!

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