Thursday, October 24, 2013

Belly Paint

My mom had this adorable idea a long time ago to have Sweet Pea finger paint my belly.  It kept not happening, because I kept forgetting, and then one day last week Hubby dropped home early in between clients and even though it was rainy outside I decided we were randomly going to let Sweet Pea paint and he was going to photograph it.  

We had a blast.  She had a blast.  And Hubby did a good job with the photos!

I did no editing to my belly.  I only popped the color in these photos, leaving all the wonky shadows and highlights rainy skies create.  I left all my scars on my belly because I believe that permanent scars shouldn't be edited out; they are marks of who we are and where we've been.  While I'm one of the lucky ones who doesn't get stretch marks, my belly bears the marks of three different surgeries and, most recently, shingles.  

It's kinda weird to put bare-belly pics out there for the world to see, and I was kinda hoping that Sweet Pea's paint would go right for the scars first.  I think it's funny that she happened to paint everywhere there aren't scars.  But actually?  I like that the shingles marks are front-and-center (side?) in the photos.  That shingles was a big deal for me in this pregnancy, kinda scary and a part of all we've been through this time around.  I'm so, so thankful it wasn't worse; I had a pretty mild case.  

I love these images too because for me they are a little reminder of all the fun these two are going to have together.  They remind me of how Sweet Pea loves to pat my belly and how the baby always kicks back.  They remind me of how wiggly the baby always gets when Sweet Pea and I are snuggling and reading together.  They remind me of the bright and colorful moments to come.



Making an "ew" face.  She doesn't really like getting her hands messy!
Such a girl.

This is serious business, folks.


  1. This is such a fun idea, Taylor!! And nice work, Lenny!

  2. SUCH a cute idea. :) Love it.

  3. Such a sweet post and so many bright and colorful moments to come like you said! Your belly is beautiful unedited and I love the story it tells of the special wife, mother, and woman you are :)


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