Wednesday, June 19, 2013

20 weeks

We made it halfway!

Baby has been kicking up a storm, often when I eat chocolate.

I crave cheese and avocado and sometimes ice cream.  I anti-crave pretty much anything, given the moment.

I have finally had three fully-functioning days in a row, which means less nausea (still taking rx meds in the morning) and more energy.

Mornings have been way worse for nausea in this pregnancy than my other.

I have the back pain, SVT and dizziness I had in my first pregnancy but none are as bad.

I'm carrying lower and more least I think.  It doesn't look that way in pictures but it feels that way.

I've gained two pounds.

My belly is tiny in the morning and huge at the end of the day.  This confuses me.

Big Sister is still enamored.  She spontaneously kisses, pats and hugs my belly.  She often asks when the baby is coming out.  She can't wait to give the baby bottles and pacifiers.  Given the opportunity, she will try to pour water on my belly to "help it grow."

She only sings the theme song to Brave to the baby.  Bean used to only sing songs from The Sound of Music.

My girl is growing as exponentially as my belly, and it's already getting hard to fit both in my lap.  I feel like Mama Bear in Berenstein Bears New Baby book.

I'm having fun dreaming about new baby smells and snuggles.

I can't wait to use the Baby K'Tan I bought a few weeks before I even knew I was pregnant.

This is the sweetest ultrasound picture ever:
 The baby's feet are already long and flat like Daddy's!
It's kinda fun comparing:
24 weeks with Sweet Pea

20 weeks with Peanut
(a little deceiving because of the shirts)
Go second 20 weeks, go!

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  1. I love these shots! I never saw the 24 week one with Sweet Pea so it's neat to see that knowing and seeing Waverly grow so much. I love your green flowing shirt! You look great ;)


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