Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Happy Birthday, Dad!

Checking out Bean's gift of a "tool box."  I don't know why Sweet isn't wearing pants.

Also, in honor of my dad's birthday, I would like to remind him of why I am the best daughter in the world per this transcript of an e-mail conversation from 2003, when I was a freshman in college:

Here on campus we have a phone service company that e-mails us our phone bills.  I have a cell phone though, so I mostly only use my room phone for on campus calls, and my bill is never very much at all.  Whenever I get these bills e-mailed to me, I kindly forward them to my dad.  After one such forward, he e-mailed me back with this response:
     "59 cents!  You squanderer!  How could you be so careless as to rack up such a phone bill?  Do you think we're made of money or something?  What were you thinking?  You'll have to foot this bill yourself.  Sorry."

So I e-mailed him back:

     "but daddy i can't!  I'm broke!!!  I spent all my money buying boos and a ping pong table for the party I threw last night.  But you'll be proud to know that I am the champion beer pong player of cumberland.  Squanderer, puah!  Now the family has something to be proud of!!!"

My father's response:

"'Boos' is spelled 'booze'"

My parents had very little to worry about when  I was in college.  You're welcome.


  1. LOL! That's cute! And wish your dad a very happy (belated) birthday from Smith's North.

  2. Hahaha! Love his response to you :) So neat that you found this email transcript to remind him of having the best daughter in the world ;) Looks like your dad had a special Birthday!


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