Friday, February 15, 2013

Balumtimbes Day Baking

We jumped on the cake pop bandwagon.  And can I say, they are so much fun and so easy?  My mom got a cakepop pan for Christmas and she finally busted it out for Valentine's Day.  (Valentine's vs. Valentines' is the bain of my former-English teacher existence.  If we are calling it St. Valentine's Day, as in just that one guy's special day, then it's Valentine's Day.  If we mean a day for all of us to celebrate all of our valentines, then it's Valentines' Day.  This maketh me crazy.  I digress.)

So we made cake pops for Daddy and Grandpa.  And dipped them in chocolate glaze and sprinkles.  And decorated cookies.  And painted pictures.  It was everything that I'm sure Mr. Valentine hoped it would be one day, when, you know, he was executed for taking a stand for Christian marriage.

(Actually, I kind of think it is what he would have would have wanted.  But that's another story for another day.)

As soon as we got to Nana's, both girls whisked away to run upstairs for dress-up outfits.  I love how excited they are to see each other.  They can fight like cats and dogs, but they do love each other so much.

Oh yeah, and they got into some lip gloss...

So that mess was cleaned up, and another begun.

PS...Cake pops made with Wegman's chocolate cake mix and dipped in melted Nestle morsels taste like donut holes.  And they are addictive.

Then it was time to rest and watch Doc McStuffins, complete with a kitty.


  1. this looks like my kind of day! so fun!

  2. Great cake pops! That Wegmans mix is delicious but you all did a terrific job decorating them and making them even better :) Love that cupcake stand thing too. Chloe is looking at your blog now, too ,and is loving the music and pics of her best girl pal in MD!!


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