Friday, January 04, 2013

Funny faces

One of my dear friends hosted her annual Ugly Christmas Sweater party this year, her first party in her new home as a bride!  Super fun, and funny.  

Love these girls!
While we had a great time (I went dressed as a Christmas tree because I don't own any Christmas sweaters, even though I was a teacher and teachers are the ones that have made the ugly Christmas sweater what it is today) and played a funny round of Greed, what really made me laugh was looking through the few pictures I took that night to find that my girl was making one of her classic faces in nearly all of them.  You know, those faces that make you go, "Oh gosh, that is SO her!"  

In other words, this is one of those posts that will matter no one one except me.  Someday when I am old and gray I will look at this post and go, "Oh gosh, that is SO her."  

Curent "sigh" face.

Current "cheese" face.

Current face she makes whenever her Daddy says, "Baby...don't smile...whatever you do...don't smile!"
And then they both laugh.

Current sleepy face.
And even though her other hand is out of frame, I can just see her little fingers twirling the end of her "fringy."


  1. She is so cute...
    love this post,

  2. LOVE that face! And I'm diggin the picture with the ugly sweaters too :-)


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