Saturday, November 03, 2012


"Hey! What are you guys doing tonight?" I asked my neighbor (and dear friend) on the eve of Hurricane Sandy.  "I am going to make broccoli soup!"

As if they could be doing anything.  I mean, it was pouring rain and gusting like 60 mph outside.

So an hour later I was bundling myself in my husband's winter coat, my camera inside, diapers in the pocket, a board game tucked under my arm, and a full pot of soup teetering in my hands as I wiggled into my snow boots.  The TV was still on in the background and the weatherman was saying, "Stay inside.  Don't do anything stupid."

Did he see me?

We spent our hurricane time eating soup and cookies and playing hilarious games with some of our favorite people.  How awesome is it to have friends right around the corner, so close you can run over balancing soup in a hurricane?

I know.  It's awesome.

The kids decorated cookies and played with toys and with a play pop-up tent.  They pretty much thought the tent was the greatest thing in the whole wide world!

He's looking right at Sweet Pea from inside his awesome tent.  How adorable is that?!
Also, this was like 10:30 at night.  Because we throw parenting to the wind (pun intended!) during hurricanes!
We finally went home around 11:30 to call it a night.  Miraculously, we only lost power for about 25 minutes in total.  No damage, no complications other than lots of extra leaves.  We slept in late and went for a little family walk before coming home to crash on the sofa and eat snacks and watch a movie.

In other words, from our neck of the woods, the hurricane was a little bit great.  I am so incredibly thankful that we were safe and snug.  

She was extra excited to splash in the puddles "like Kipper."

Surveying our super-full lake


When we got home, we had hot apple "psider" and watched Toy Story II.  We munched on our very unhealthy snacks.  Apparently lots of other people thought they couldn't survive a hurricane without snacks and treats because this is what the chip aisle looked like at Target on Sunday night:
 Why didn't Bear Grylls ever mention the need for snacks for survival?
Decisions, decisions.
Making sure we got good snacks.
 Oh yeah, and this happened:
Those are size 2T Tinkerbell undies.  We thought two days of being stuck inside with the constant sound of tinkling rain in the background would be perfect for finishing up potty training.  We let her pick out some new undies and she was so excited she wanted to open the package and put them on immediately.  We compromised and let her just run around waving them in the air.  Our roommate came with us to Target and I'm pretty sure he had no idea his evening was going to involve Tinkerbell undies.

The End.


  1. I am still laughing about the Tinkerbell undies and your house-mate being with you!! We totally loved having some of our favorite people over during the "big" storm ;) The tent and cookies were so fun for the kids and I LOVED your broccoli soup!! The games were definitely my favorite part of the storm though I must say. You got some great pictures of Wavy near the lake the day after! We will have to have another game night again soon!!


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