Thursday, October 25, 2012

Almost sisters

Last week, my parents were out of town and Sweet Pea and I spent some extra time at their house to play with Bean.  Sweet Pea is enamored with all of her big cousins, but Bean is closest to her age and they play together so much that they are really more like sisters.  They snuggle and love like sisters, but boy, can they also fight like sisters.  Many a howl has emitted from those two, but their genuine love for each other and sweet playing is precious to witness.

One of the afternoons, I took the girls out to our favorite swing (my parents have like four...or five?...on the property!) and had changed their clothes because I knew I wanted some cute pictures.  However, in order to convince them to wear their warm boots, I had to compromise and let them wear their wings.  Bean wears wings probably 17 out of 24 hours in a day.  Sweet Pea wants to be just like her cousin.  So, wings it was.

Have I mentioned how much I love mothering girls?

Because I love it.

Like, super love it.

Especially girls who aren't afraid of anything.

Yup, a Daddy Long Leg.  Sweet Pea calls them, "Ew!  Daddy Psiders!"

I love this because it is so absolutely genuine.  They were telling each other a joke.

I just want to freeze them in time. 
After the swing, I put my camera away and we played with the zip swing in the woods and went fairy hunting.  Oh, the fairy hunting!  Sweet Pea took it very, very seriously.  "Shhhhh!  Fayr-wees!  Come out!"  They looked all over in the flowers and grasses and I told them that because the sun had set the fairies were sleeping.  "Shhh!  Night-night, fayr-wees!" 

Then we saw a chipmunk and it was all over.  We were collecting acorns to leave for the fairies, but once we saw the chipmunk all of the acorns were for him.  Obviously.   


  1. I can't get enough of these girls ;) I love the last one of Waverly near the zip-line as it's such a great smile and such a cute coat!

  2. Sweet sweet "sisters!!"

  3. We need some pictures of them on that adorable pony!


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