Friday, September 14, 2012


Dear Sweet Pea,

Today, sweet baby, you are two.  Two whole years of giggling, of boo-boos that need kissing, of cuddling and learning and growing.  You are a spunky, sweet, funny little thing with a personality way bigger than your tiny little frame.

You are so excited about this birthday.  We've been talking about for a couple of weeks, ever since you went to your friend Marie's birthday party and your friend Johnny's birthday party in the same weekend.  We also watched some kids' shows that featured birthday parties and when I was asking you about your birthday tonight and what you wanted to do you said, "Mama?  Hat!" and I realized you want a hat like Hallie had for her birthday on Doc McStuffins.  You want to eat pizza and cake (chocolate cake, if asked what kind) and tonight in the car you listed all of the friends you want at your party.  You remembered all of your immediate family members, including Groovy and GiGi and Gpop, then listed a few friends.  You were quiet for awhile, then said, "Mama?  Es-ser.  Come, too."  You remembered your friend's baby sister and wanted her at your party.  You want to be "a big girl" and every time we ask what you want for your birthday you say, "own cyc-lil-o."  You want your very own bicycle, so you can be just like your cousin.

This being a "big girl" is so important to you.  You are running and jumping and dancing and playing all kinds of make-believe games.  You are almost potty trained all ready, and you talk in sentences and want to do everything I do- and say everything I say.  You love to clean up messes, which is both sweet and funny.  You're good at it, too!
 Daddy is the center of your world and you love it when he comes home.  You ask me all the time, "Daddy?  Tickle me?" because you want him to play with you and tickle you when he gets home.  In fact, just a couple of hours ago in your sleep you said, "Daddy!  Tickle me!"  I love that you must have been dreaming about how much fun you have with Daddy.
You are still pretty introverted, and you take awhile to come out of your shell in social situations.  You would rather sit in my lap or hold my hand and watch everyone else for a little while.  But eventually you blossom and once we have to leave you sit in the car and yell goodbye to every person we saw, blowing kisses and saying, "All-you!"  (I love you.)  And even though you are on the introverted side in some ways, you are so extravagant with your love once you do open up.
You are so incredibly dear and affectionate.  Everything gets kisses lately; Nana thinks that you are kissed so often that kissing is basically the real language you speak.  Baby dolls, toys, books, flowers, pets, boo-boos...if you notice it, it gets a kiss.  I love how aware you are of others and how you already have such a compassionate, loving little heart.  You are also brave; it amazes me how much you like the high, fast slides at the park and how you don't get scared on rides at the beach.
 Your favorite things these days include, but are not limited to:
- playing dress-up
- splashing in the water, especially at the beach
- eating blueberries, smoothies, pizza, ice cream, or french fries (your favorite foods)
- playing kitchen (you love to "make" us food and bring it to us)
- cuddling your babies
- playing with your doll house (you put all of the dollies to bed and have them climb the stairs)
- watching Doc McStuffins, Elmo or Kipper (your favorite shows)
- going to the park
- animals, in every shape and size
- feeding the horses (you take this job very, very seriously)
- singing (you hum and chatter along with everything, but you can sing ABCs, Happy Birthday, and a couple of others completely on your own
- counting (you count to 13, but refuse to go higher!  We think you think numbers stop at 13)
- dancing (any time you hear music you have to dance)
I love the little conversations we have.  You listen so well and follow directions perfectly...when you want to.  I love that everything you say starts with, "Mama?"  It never gets old.  I love your little voice asking me questions or trying out new words.  I love when you start saying little phrases you hear from me, like when you say, "Mama?  Doin'?" because you hear me always ask you, "Baby?  Whatcha doin'?"  It amazes me how well you can understand and reason with with me, especially when I explain something to you.  Most of all, I love that when I say, "I love you" you always answer back, completely of your own accord with, "All-you too, Mama."  
Sweet girl, you just delight us.  You are beautiful and smart and funny and we love just being with you, playing with you, taking you places and having new experiences with you.  I love watching you learn and explore and laugh, while you run around with those floppy little limbs and stick that tiny tummy out.  You are fiesty and passionate and awfully stubborn; you definitely know how to let your voice be heard if you feel there is a slight injustice occurring!  

You love to cuddle and my favorite words in the whole world are, "Mama?  Cuddle me?  Cuddle you, too?  Hugs. Tiss-es!"  You won't go to bed without a proper cuddle while we sing together.  You request your favorite songs, although more often than not you choose the theme song to Doc McStuffins.  (Your obsession with that show is pretty funny.)  I love that time together before bed so very much, especially when Daddy plays his guitar for us.  
Two whole years; I really can't believe it.  Yet I also can't imagine what life was ever like without you.  How is it possible that we lived so many years without knowing you?  Every day we are discovering more about you, your likes and dislikes, who you are and what you love and what makes you tick.  You are like a little gift we get to open every day.  
Baby girl, when I think about you and my dreams and hopes for your future, I care about nothing more than this; that you love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your mind, and with all your strength.  I want you to know undeniably how much you are loved and how precious you are to us and to your Maker.  I want you to grow up with the peace and confidence that comes from knowing you are loved, loved, loved.  Then I want you to go forth and give to others and be happy.  
You are so precious to us, but you are so unfathomably more precious to Jesus.  I love that you are two because at two your whole being speaks joy and fun and laughter and excitement.  I think that's the way we were created to be.  But this is also the year that will be tough, because you are not a tiny baby any more and you want to grow and be big and show it.  That's okay.  We'll figure that out along the way and in the meantime, we are going to have so much fun.

Happy Birthday, sweet babyness.  We love you so much.


  1. I love her! The Smith daddy is the center of the Smith daughter's life, been there, done that! Cannot wait to see my sweet little niece!

  2. Happy 2nd Birthday Waverly! What a special day today is!! I can't wait to hear how Wavy liked her bike :) We are looking forward to her party tomorrow. Love all these 2-year pictures in her beautiful dresses, cute shoes, and adorable bows!!

  3. Happy Birthday Sweet W!! Have a wonderful day (or more!) celebrating your girl!!

  4. Anonymous2:45 PM

    Happy Birthday Wavey Baby! I wish I got to see you more, but I love that your mama keeps us updated with the blog, and I don't have to go through withdrawal since I can see you cute face in different awesome pictures pretty regularly! Love you Big Girl!

  5. As always, your blog makes me cry because it's so beautiul. But then a beautiul mama is speaking about her beautiul baby - and I love you both.

  6. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BEAUTIFUL WAVEY!! Taylor - the post was beautiful, and I am so excited to see how much she grows over this next year of her life :-)

  7. This is beautiful. She will cherish these sweet letters from her mama for a lifetime! Happy Birthday Wavy!


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