Sunday, September 02, 2012


Last Friday, I had to run into the city to pick up a lens rental.  Now, I have lived within a 30-mile radius of the very heart of our nation's capital my entire life.  One would think that a quick hop-step-jump into the city would be the norm for me; au contraire, my friends.  Coincidentally, I am not a city girl.  I need space.  I need green.  I prefers tractors to taxis and the smell of the barn to exhaust.

I have to say though that "country" girl I may be, I am pretty thankful for where I live.  I love that within 25 miles of our city you can be in legitimate farm land, full of well-tended crops and black angus cattle.  I love that we get the best of both worlds and that in the same weekend we can ride the pony at my parents' hobby farm and see a mummy at the Natural History Museum.

So when I figured out that I had to go into the city, at first I was pretty unenthused.  Honestly, I try to pretty much avoid the city but for a few times a year.  But I figured, hey, I we gotta go we might as well make it awesome.  So since Hubby happened to come home from work early, we called a friend, loaded up the car, and hit the Natural History Museum.

It's funny, having grown up here.  I don't appreciate the wonderful museums right at my fingertips as much as I should; I certainly haven't in recent years, anyway.  I've seen that dang elephant more times that I can count and all he really does for me is make me reminisce over fourth grade field trips.

But she hasn't.

She will, probably.

True story:  The first time I ever fell in love was in the Natural History Museum.  I was in kindergarten, and I was in a group with a little boy I didn't like named Ian.  The chaperone made me hold Ian's hand and I thought it was sticky and yucky.  But somewhere among the dinosaur bones I believed I'd been "struck by cupid's arrow" (thank you, Fantasia) and decided I loved him.  A couple of days later I decided I was too young to be in love, but we still played at each other's houses all summer.

Remind me never to let any little boys hold my little girl's hand!


I love spontaneous trips to our city.


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  1. Awwww, so sweet! N LOVED the Natural History Museum. :) I think she thought it was the zoo but there, the animals were REALLY calm. ;)


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