Friday, September 07, 2012

Gluten-free ice cream cones

Celiac disease affects our family so much and so frequently that I often don't even realize it affects us at all anymore.  Does that make sense?  I have it, my mom has it, my husband has it, my niece has is, and Sweet Pea, while she doesn't "officially" have it (she hasn't been tested yet), our pediatrician has recommended we keep her gluten-free until she is old enough to be tested at her two-year check-up.  Eating gluten-free food permeates our whole lives; it changes how we shop for food, how we cook, what we eat at holidays, where we eat on vacations, what we eat for snacks, at birthday parties, at weddings, etc.

So what I mean is, all of this different eating should seem like a big deal; but it's really not.  We may not eat funnel cake at the fair anymore, but we can still eat fries on the boardwalk.  We make fewer cookies at Christmas and eat more ice cream.  Sweet Pea brings her own cupcake to birthday parties.

We often don't miss the changes, mostly because we have so many great alternatives and opportunities to eat all kinds of delicious treats all the time.  So what if my babies never eat a Twinkie?  They are probably all the better for it.

Every now and then though, I there are little foods that I miss having the opportunity to share with the girls.  They can both put away ice cream like it's their job.  And while they still get their sweet treats in a cup, I have certainly wished I could watch them lick away at an ice cream cone.    

Well, guess what?  My wish was granted.  I found gluten-free ice cream cones at the new Wegman's near us. And unlike the crabs, the cones were quite the hit.

Pure joy.

I had visions of the girls licking perfectly rounded scoops with sprinkles on the beach at sunset.  Well, I forgot to anticipate meltage, so by the time we got down there they were pretty much just milkshakes in a cake cone.  Oh, well; the girls didn't know any better!

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