Friday, July 06, 2012

Summer Sunsets

Just a random Wednesday night at the barn, after a hay bale had been delivered.

On another note, supposing that this is me, age five...

Which of these would you suppose to be mine?

Interesting, huh?  I don't think these cousins look much alike, yet both look related to me and I think my niece looks more like me than my own child does.

And finally, just because:
There's "cheese face" again.  It's not even a smile, let alone a real smile!  But these shots always make me laugh.
I have a thing for babylashes.


  1. My sister's daughter looks a lot like me. Our daughter looks a lot like her dad's sister. Those genes get mixed around very interestingly! I love your 5-year-old photo...soooo obviously you. <3!

  2. I like the pictures of the girls on the hay! Charlie does look a lot like you ;) Funny how genetics work. At either rate, the three of you are all gorgeous!!


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