Tuesday, July 24, 2012


My mama says that kids are like mosquitos; you know they are up to something when it gets quiet.  So, I've been warned.  I should have known.  I let her play with my purse but she was playing too long, too quietly.  And while I pulled out my makeup bag, I guess I left a stray mascara.


"Mama?  Make.  Up!"

I guess I've created a monster, because I wasn't very good at trying not to laugh and I gave the tube back to her for a picture.  Bad move, mom.


  1. I love how Wavy knew where the mascara is suppose to go!!

  2. Hahahaha. N always asks to help me with my "ake up" in the mornings and pretends to put on eyeshadow when I do my own. Thankfully, she hasn't opened the mascara because I'm sure she'd look just like this. But, props to W - she knew right where to put it!


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