Friday, July 13, 2012


Someone around here has had a slight obsession with babies lately, and it's not me.

Okay, fine, two someones around here have had a slight obsession with babies lately.  When am I ever not obsessed with babies?

Anyway, for one of us it's new, and while baby dolls still aren't her first go-to toy, lately they are making more and more of an appearance.  I've read other bloggers say they love watching their children play with dolls because they see their children mimicking mothering skills they hope their children are learning from them.  So precious.  So endearing.

See?  Look how she is using her own beloved Blanky Smalls to tuck in her dolly.  Such self-sacrifice.  Such gentleness.  Such love.

Then she said, "Cuddle, baby, cuddle?"  Aw!  How sweet!  She knows that we always cuddle before naps or bedtime.  She knows her baby might need a cuddle, too.

Except, wait...wait a minute...

Oof.  I promise she didn't learn sitting-on-babies from me.  Maybe from a farm book with chicks?  I guess, in her defense, we do usually cuddle together in the "big bed" (my bed) in the mornings.  But I definitely don't sit on her.  

Aside:  I love that she is rubbing her blanket fringe with her thumb and forefinger in this shot.  She always does that.  She started doing that with my hair when she was teeny tiny and still does it to this day with my hair and her blankies.

Also aside:  Excuse the dark, blurry pictures.  My brand-new lens is not working properly.  Canon and I are going to have it out this morning.


  1. haha! Time for a second, may be?? Just kidding, but this was about the time we found out about Will and it just heightened the whole mommy role for Liza:).


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