Saturday, June 16, 2012

Sushi Picnic

When Hubby and I were both working, pre-baby, we developed a little tradition. We both discovered an obsession with spicy tuna rolls, and it became a pretty regular Thursday thing for Hubby to pick up sushi after work for us to eat while we watched our favorite tv shows- The Office and Parks and Rec. We would sit on the floor in our bedroom on a blanket and eat our sushi and laugh at Michael's antics. This was back when we had an old tv that we kept in our closet. It was probably a fire hazard. Then we got a flat screen from Craigslist and hung it in our family and gave the ancient free bedroom close tv to Goodwill.

Then I got pregnant and couldn't eat sushi. Then we got poor(er) and couldn't afford sushi on a weekly basis. What crazy kids we were!

My sister knows of our love of sushi though, especially from "our place" near our home. She drove all the way out there after work one day in December to get us a gift card for Christmas, and we finally used it last Sunday. We didn't have our typical youth group shenanigans that night, and we didn't know what to do with ourselves after we got home from celebrating my Grandpa's birthday.

So what did we do? We introduced Sweet Pea to Sushi Picnic. And since we felt that sushi picnics for 21-month olds should include ducks to watch, we walked to the pier by our lake to watch the sunset. Sweet Pea wouldn't try the sushi, but she loved the ducks and loved playing with the chopsticks.

I can remember sitting eating sushi one of those nights back in the day and thinking that I should appreciate the quiet time with just my husband while we still had it, but I couldn't help feeling like our house back then was just a little too quiet. I was right. While every now and then I do miss those quiet romantic evenings, I have to admit that if I had to choose, busy sushi picnics by the lake with a little blonde babe who has her Daddy's eyes are just about perfect.

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  1. I think this age is just the best!! You don't have to worry about her trying to jump off the dock, put rocks in her mouth, etc. And she can talk, too:). We loved that stage with little you, we took her everywhere (even on dates!).


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