Sunday, June 03, 2012

Storm Warning

On Friday, we had crazy storms here in our neck of the woods.  So crazy, in fact, that I was freaking out a little because my mom and niece happened to be out shopping in the exact location of one of the supposed tornados.  I happen to love storms and exciting weather, but I do not like crazy storms that threaten the safety of my family.  They had to hunker down in the middle of a Walmart.  Not cool.  Except, well, I guess it was cool since they were totally fine and all.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Miss Thang was not one bit fazed by the storm.  In fact, she loved it.  She figured out pretty quickly that a flash in the sky meant a loud boom was coming.  We sat on our bed and watched the clouds as a family while she asked the sky, "Boom, please?"

One of my earliest memories (possibly the earliest) is of sitting on a porch with my mom, sitting in in my little rocking chair and watching a thunderstorm.  My family did this my whole life.  It's pretty fun to get to do it with my own little one.


  1. i love your font and your stories. and you.

  2. Seeing W in Lenny's arms just makes me melt. How adorable!

  3. Boom please?! So cute!!


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