Friday, June 29, 2012


We've been pretty busy around here.  Hubby was off work for almost two weeks, and in between our fun and shenanigans I've been working every afternoon at an educational summer camp.  Whew!  We've been intentional about relaxing and spending time together.  I have not been taking pictures.  We went to the beach over the weekend and I (on purpose) forgot my camera.  I figure there's always Instagram on Hubby's phone if a moment arises where I absolutely need a picture or I will shrivel into a pile of ash, which happens to happen at least four times a day.  So actually, I have been taking pictures. With Instagram.  With which I actually have a love/hate relationship.  Which I will talk about soon!

Last Thursday, we went to our local splash park for the first time.  We loved it.  It was a super hot day and the water felt great, even if it did skeeve me out quite a bit.  (Baby pee, anyone?)
Before we left for the beach Friday, I went out to dinner with friends.  It was glorious.  We were sans babies and husbands and we ate chips and enchiladas and we laughed so hard we cried and the hostess thought it was someone's birthday at our table even though it wasn't so we made our visitor from TX wear the hat and eat the ice cream and we took pictures.  And we laughed so hard someone almost had to perform the Heimlich.  

At the beach, we went out to lunch and played at the ocean.  I cuddled the girls to sleep. I organized lots of photos on Saturday night while watching re-runs of Gypsy Brides and Sister Wives, with which I have a love/hate relationship.  On Sunday, we had one of the most perfect beach days we've ever had.  It included lots of floating around the bay on inflatable boats.  Sweet Pea was in a bad mood most of the day.
The little one was out before I got through two sentences of story time.
I think that was her first day ever with no nap at all.
We drove me straight from the beach to work on Monday, then relaxed until bedtime.  I made gluten-free, paleo coconut fried shrimp.  I died.  Then I came back to life and took pictures of it (ok, so the big camera came out once or twice) and I'll share the recipe later.

On Tuesday, I wanted to do home projects, but the weather outside was utterly incredible so Hubby seduced me into scrapping my plans for painting by suggesting a jog (for him) and bike ride (for me) at the river.  And I said yes, because the adventurer/spontaneous heart in me can never say no to scrapping plans for fun.
First time she (totally unprompted) asked me to take her picture.
"Pit-chures, Mama?  Pit-chures?"

Wednesday we went blueberry picking.  Again.  Because Sweet Pea loves blueberry picking, and since the other day she pointed to the moon and asked me, "Get her?  Pet her?" and I couldn't, we go blueberry picking constantly.

Today he had to go back to work, and my heart was sad.  But thankfully my friend Jen came to visit and my heart was happy and we ate blueberries and talked so much that Sweet Pea put her own self down for a nap on the couch.  Then we went and had Old Bay Shrimp Pot with our besties and introduced Sweet Pea to hammocks and fireflies in jars.

So in other words, life is good.  Life is very, very good.


  1. Sorry to hear Lenny had to go back to work but I'm glad you scrapped some home projects for fun!! It sounds like you have been enjoying Summer with the youth group too :) I agree with the ladies dinner that we laughed so hard we my case choked! Thanks for being ready to save me if needed ;) I'm looking forward to blackberry piking or blueberry picking again soon!

  2. I don't find your life boring one bit (in reference to your FB post)! I love all of the details and memories you record here. If J had a different job and wasn't so concerned about internet safety, I'd be doing the same thing! By the way, I love the little picture of W asking to have her picture taken:).


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