Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Tea for Two Fifteen

Paleo Strawberry Tart
I think there is a reason I was given a little girl.  I may love mud and four-wheelers and frequently forget to do my hair or makeup, but you know what?  I love tea parties.  I love dress-up.  I love snacks.  I love acting like my little girl is a life-sized doll baby to pet and dress and bedazzle.  

Well, ok, I haven't bedazzled her.  Yet.

Most of my mama friends have little boys.  In fact, all but two of my friends have at least one boy.  So I decided that we needed some girl time.  We needed ribbons and dresses and dolls and- you guessed it- tea.  So the mama-daughter tea party, in honor of Mothers' Day, was born.  

Here's something you need to know about coming to a party at my house.  While many girls seem, via Pinterest, to throw adorable parties complete with perfect food and decorations and be on time and get their hair done and their floors mopped and their lipstick on, that is not me.  I will remember that I am even throwing a party when Evite reminds me the Thursday before.  I will procrastinate and make food at midnight.  Parties at my house will be reasonably cute and mostly functional and my hair will not be done and I will be barefoot.  I will not know where my lipstick is and please don't look closely at my kitchen floor.  Also, I will realize only after everyone is eating that I don't have any napkins and I will run to my car to get some old McDonald's ones from my glove compartment.

In other words, my parties will be very, very classy!  

We started off by letting the girls decorate bows for their hair.  I thought it would be a perfect activity for a group of mostly 2-and-unders.  It would have been, except the jewels I thought were stickers weren't.  So I scrambled and found some foam stick-on flowers but by that point the girls had mostly lost interest.  Next year!

I learned that "self adhesive" means you buy your own adhesive.  Yourself.

Then it was time for tea.  We had cookies, fruit salad, rice cakes, celery with peanut butter, cucumbers with brie, strawberry tart and banana bread.  All of it was gluten-free and the tart was even Paleo.  My friend made the banana bread and it was amazingly delicious, made even moreso because it was my first baked good in a week and a half.  Whatevs, Paleo.   

These two wanted to get the party started.  So we did!

Don't ask.  This is her current camera-ready face.  I get it every time I point the camera at her.
I wonder what they'd say on Top Model?


This sweet mama has TWO girls.  Double fun!


I have approximately 123498 pictures of my mom eating food in a goofy way.
I don't know why.

I have a philosophy about kids and fancy stuff.  Let them use them.  Let them break.  I think this is my philosophy because I don't have anything super expensive, but I don't think I ever with because I would rather use and enjoy my pretty things.  My teacups were all gifts at a bridal shower, and I know the tea cup givers would rather know their gifts were being loved and enjoyed than just sitting on my shelf.  My 94-year-old neighbor inspired this philosophy, and inspired the tea parties.  She gave me a gorgeous tea set as a wedding gift but told me I was only allowed to have it if I promised to play with it with my daughters someday.

Done.  And done!

I love these sweet girls.  I see sleepovers and giggling about boys in their futures.
Except none of you are allowed to date.  Ever.  Got that?  
I'm wearing my great-grandma's apron.  I love it.
I love this picture.

Could they be cuter?

She is twirling in her dress for us.

Sweet, tired baby!

Another sweet, tired baby!

Annnnd another sweet, tired baby.
And then we all took naps.  The end.  


  1. This was SO much fun. :) It really touched my heart to be invited and THANK YOU for the wonderful photos. I think I'm going to frame the one of the two of us with our tea cups. :) You blessed me, girl!

  2. Laura7:00 AM

    Awesome, awesome, awesome! Thanks you so much, Taylor. These are beautiful. It was a beautiful time/memory.

  3. Sooo much fun! Everyone looked so good! Can't wait for next year! Ps nancy makes a killer banana bread, doesn't she? ;)

  4. Love the photos!! Truly too cute!

  5. Thanks again Taylor for the special mother-daugher tea and time with all the girls! It was super fun and you made such a cute host! Soooooo sorry once again that Chloe broke one of the tea cups :( I'm glad you wanted them to be used. Can't wait for next year already.


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