Saturday, May 26, 2012

South Mountain

Awhile back, a dear friend of mine asked if anyone would like to go to "the farm."  She and her adorable son, who happens to only be two weeks older than Sweet Pea, live around the corner from us.  We actually met them while strolling around our community lake one day when the babies were tiny.

Can I just say how awesome it is to have friends right on our street with babies the same age?  Every day at about 4 pm our neighborhood turns into a zoo of beautiful babies, all four and under.  We even have a group on Facebook for each other so we can hang out and do stuff.  One of girls is basically fun-stuff-organizing extraordinare and plans everything from mom wine nights to a July 4th bbq.  She's the one who told all of us about South Mountain.  

Anyway, this other friend put the call out to the friends to go to "the farm," our beloved South Mountain Creamery, because she and her son hadn't been there yet.  Another friend said her family couldn't go, but to ask me- "Taylor will always go!"  Sure enough, we couldn't say yes fast enough.   

Isn't it funny how when you visit a place often enough, and love it, it becomes yours?


I want her.   

We fed the calves and visited the piglets.  And then, oh then...we found baby chicks.  The girls were so enamored it made me weepy, and we had a near-miss on meltdowns when they learned we couldn't take them home with us.

Bean has continued to talk about these chicks daily, and we went there almost a month ago!

I love moments like this.  Don't worry, we were in the driveway.


  1. Oh my goodness - so sweet! We have to go here soon!

  2. Can you believe we haven't made it out there yet this year! Well once and we got there 6 minutes too late and all the babies were fed already ;) let me know next time you guys go!


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