Wednesday, May 09, 2012

All the pretty horses...

My pre-teen and teen years were spent living and breathing horses.  My childhood years were spent dreaming about living and breathing horses.  Every "wish" opportunity- shooting stars, birthday cakes, turkey bones, even eyelashes- were spent on horse-riding wishes, save for a brief hiatus at around 8 wherein the wishes turned to "a Himalayan or Persian kitten."  But in all of the other times, I can so clearly see myself squeezing my eyes tightly shut and saying under my breath, "I wish...for...A HORSE."

I guess there's more to wishing than we probably think.  Maybe you have to be dedicated, like me, because not only did we get that kitten but at 10 1/2 I got to start taking riding lessons.  I loved it so much, and the next 10 years were spent on pretty much only horses.

It's funny how the more things change, the more they stay the same.  I don't live and breathe horse any more.  I live and breathe baby.  In fact, as shocking as this sounds to me, I basically haven't ridden in two years.  Our old thoroughbreds are fat and happy and retired.  Actually, they are probably a little less happy and retired than they could be, because now their days are rules by a certain sassy white Shetland pony named Victoria.  You see, even though I don't live and breathe horse any more, these babies girls?  They do.

For Bean's birthday, we let her paint her (borrowed, still) pony pink.  Don't worry- it's just sugar-free pink Koolaid and water.  Completely non-toxic, done basically the same way you'd dye your own hair with Koolaid.  (Remember when that was the rage in like, '97?)

Sweet Pea was a little confused, but enjoyed it nevertheless.  I think Victoria was also a little confused, but she'll never complain about extra attention or extra treats!

Like our little redneck children?

Red pony frolicking! 

Red pony kicking!

Red pony rolling!

Red pony shaking!

Red pony looking!

Red pony kissing!

Little kid laughing!

Little baby drying!

Funny kids riding!


  1. That's AWESOME! Your family does the best, most random things for birthdays--love it!

  2. Anonymous2:21 PM

    1) these kids are really living the dream
    2) favorite pic #1 is little kid drying! ha!
    3) fav pic #2--- Victoria whispering into Waverly's ear... while she gives him the stink eye! lol!

  3. Love your little redneck babies ;)


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