Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Tour De South 2012, part two

Is there anything better than sitting around a kitchen with people you care about?  Oh, wait- there is.  It's better to be sitting around that kitchen while one of the people you care about makes amazing gluten-free pizza.  

It seems that many of the better moments of my life thus far have included gluten-free pizza.  My mom made it the night I got back from backpacking (well, my friends backpacked- I rolled) Europe.  We ate it while we told Lenny's parents they were going to be grandparents again.  It has be a major part of basically every family birthday in the past five years.  There's just something about pizza that says good times.  Good times and friends.

So W (whom I believe we decided should be considered a foodie) made awesome pizza while we talked about traveling and families and made fun of Lenny as a kid.  Whenever I'm around W it makes me wish I had been around when he and Lenny were kids.  He tells pretty funny stories about my husband as kid.  We laughed while being serenaded by Elmo in the background while someone else ran around chewing pieces of ice (she's teething) and handing out hugs like they were going out of style.  

Please excuse these unedited photos.  Except you don't even have to, because like I'm always saying, this isn't my place for perfect images.  This is my place for beautiful memories and I'm choosing to go cuddle my husband instead of cropping and editing.  Which is pretty much always my choice when it comes to how I blog.  This blog is SOOTC, baby!  (Straight out of the camera.)  More to come on that in a couple of weeks.  Oh, also- don't ever give your baby big pieces of ice because it's obviously a huge choking hazard.  Sweet Pea was under close surveillance and had lots of help with her ice cube for teething!  

We had planned on staying that night again with our friends, but we decided that we had to hit the road and get a bit further if we were going to make it to Florida by Saturday night.  So we headed about around 9:45. The four of us bet how long it would be until Sweet Pea, who was un-napped and exhausted- fell asleep.  We all lost, because it was only four minutes.  
 We drove until about 2 am and stopped at a little motel that only cost $40.  The place actually wasn't too shabby!  Country Motor Inn- I'd recommend them!

She probably looks tiny in that king-size bed to everyone else, but I was shocked by how big she is getting.  She was so good and is some kind of road-trip princess.  I guess it's just in her blood.  

When we hit the road the next morning, we didn't pull out until nearly eleven.  I was so tired and grumpy and wanted to punch everything in the face and I felt like a vampire being blinded and smoldered by the light when we opened the door.  So I read my book and acted grumpy and whined about the traffic and the rain until my husband finally got me an iced coffee from McDonald's.  Oh and four packets of Advil.  And french fries.

Does she not have the world's cheesiest cheese face?
I want to smother it in kisses every time.
So there you have it- the second 24 hours.  Next up: Jekyll Island and making it to Florida!

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