Sunday, April 29, 2012

Easter Picnic

We changed things up a little this year and had a picnic lunch on Easter instead of a fancy meal.  It was extra special because my mother-in-law joined us at my parents' house.  How many kids get to have BOTH their grandmas for a holiday?  My lucky kid did!

The weather was spectacular.  I so, so, so wish I would wave my magic wand and have every winter and spring around here be just as nice as this year's.  Except also I would wave it and have the bugs not be so bad.  And I would wave it again and have a little more rain so the crops would do better.  And then I would wave it one more time and get one big snow storm that cancels school for a week so all of my teacher friends feel less grumpy.

And then world peace!

Where is my magic wand?  Has anyone seen it lately?

I guess it disappears with the glorious day that was Easter.

Proof that I exist, found on my mom's camera with the rest of these photos!

Proof that Lennon still exists, too. 
 My polka dot tights are one of my favorite things.  




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