Thursday, February 23, 2012


Here's the thing about my mom.

She's really fun.  She's so much fun that it makes me jealous.

My mom knows exactly what to do with little kids to make them have a blast.  She never leaves Target without visiting the toy aisle.  No, not to buy stuff; she just likes to look at the toys and show them to the kids to see what they love best.  She hones these loves for months and then gets the perfect Christmas or birthday present.  She will be the first to suggest a game or get kids at a playgroup involved in playing together.  She knows Toys 'R Us as well as her own home.

My mom just instilled a "treasure box" in her living room, filled with old jewelry.  It is basically every little girl's dream come true.

Trying on earrings

Choosing earrings
I didn't get to grow up with my grandma near.  My parents moved hundreds of miles away shortly before I was born for a job, and my dad's mom passed away when I was five.  My mom's parents and my dad's dad and stepmom all lived in Illinois, and it wasn't until I was in high school and my mom's parents retired that they got to come live nearby.  My grandparents are amazing, and I have really precious memories of the road trips we'd take as a family to visit them.  So it's especially neat to me that my baby girl gets to have all four of her grandparents close by and gets to see them all the time.  

It's just so special to raise your own baby with your mom so close and I really appreciate it because I know not everyone gets that blessing.  When I was a kid, I told my mom that when I grew up I would live next door to her.  That didn't exactly work out, so instead I just hang out there as much as I can.  (Yes, even in spite of her new kitchen magnet that read, "I child-proofed the house but they still get in.")

I happen to be one of those folks who thinks family is everything.  Family first, because you have to know your roots and you have to spend time with those who love you best.

You know who else is really fun?  My mother-in-law.  My mother-in-law stopped by yesterday just to bring me a birthday present.  She brought me a beautiful necklace engraved with Sweet Pea's name and a pile of gluten-free treats from a bakery and three balloons.  We had lunch and went for a walk and played on the slides and had proper tea.  Basically, it was awesome.  I can't wait for Sweet Pea to be big enough to bake in her Groovy's kitchen and help her do crafts.  Groovy can craft like nobody's business, and Sweet Pea is always enamored with her jewels.

See what I mean?  We're blessed.



  1. Such fun grandmas! I love love love the treasure chest idea. And I may copy it at some point....

  2. You are indeed blessed to have two such incredible women in your life!

  3. you're absolutely right. we're so lucky that our kids get to grow up with grandparents so close by!


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