Wednesday, February 29, 2012


We have three amazing nieces.  I know Bean gets the most attention around here, since she lives basically down the street.  Our other nieces live over an hour away.  We have one niece who is basically Sweet Pea+ eleven years.

All of our nieces are also super smart.  I guess it's just a part of the gene pool!  This especially sweet niece got to complete in a science competition this past weekend, and it just so happened to take place our alma mater.  We were all pretty excited.

I am noticing that lately basically all of my shots have movement blur because my child is faster than lightening.  This was my attempt at getting a shot of her un-napped self sitting sweetly and smilingly on our M.  Fail.

Anyway, Sweet Pea really loves her cousin and obviously wants to be just as smart as her one day.

She knows she'll have to work hard and focus in order to be a great student who gets to go to science competitions at colleges when she's in middle school.

This was an accidental shot, but I thought it was

Just not right now.  Right now she wants to run and jump and play and not pose for mama's pictures of her in the blue Chem building stairwell.  Actually, I think she just knew that she hates the Chem building as much as her mama.

It's in her genes.

"You guys.  We HAVE to get out of here."  I know, baby, I know.
We got to watch our niece race a car that she and her partner made themselves.  It's propelled by a mouse trap!  In other words, my niece is 8 million times smarter than me.  Braver, too.  I am terrified of mouse traps.

They were basically the world's cutest scientists.  I's coolest scientists!  I hated being called cute when I was in middle school.  Once, I stormed into my house after a day of being called cute one too many times at school, stomped my foot and pronounced with tear-filled eyes, "I am NOT cute!" and ran to my bedroom.  My mom said it was the cutest thing she's seen all week.

Obviously, my middle school years were rough.  It was just so hard to be called cute all the time!

Perhaps I was a little dramatic.  And sheltered.

We got lunch in the student union and Hubby and I reminisced about college and pointed out the place where he first asked me out and probably bored our niece to death.  She was good at pretending it was interesting though.  Geez...when did we get so old?!

It's pretty neat to visit your roots with the family you love.  I can't believe our sweet little flower girl is already in middle school.  I have a sneaking suspicion it won't be long before she's a brilliant college student herself.  Better start fighting for her now, colleges!

Way to go, sweet girl!  We hope Sweet Pea is just like you someday!

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