Monday, February 13, 2012

Cuddle time

I found this little iPhone snap on the hubby's phone and it made me smile. And wish I had my own iPhone. Actually, the photo made me frown, too, partly because I will never have an iPhone and mostly because it was a reminder of the first night ever my baby was really, truly sick. Her fever was over 103 that night. We tried a popsicle and cool washcloths and Tylenol. They helped, but she was still miserable. She fell asleep in my arms while I read her Harold.

What makes me smile though is what she's doing. She's sound asleep with her two fingers in her mouth, just like always. She has her other fingers in my hair and she's rubbing the strands between her thumb and forefinger. She also has her beloved Bicky, the pink blanket made by my grandma, which she loves and has replaced Woof as her favorite lovey. When she doesn't have me, she twists the strands of the fringe in her fingers.

What I love is that I can comfort her in that way. She loves being close to me and her little security motion is playing with my hair. I hated that I couldn't take way that fever, but it helped to know that at least I could comfort her in the way only a mama- her mama- can.

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  1. I love that you can take the simplest aspects of motherhood and make them into such beautiful prose. You have such a BIG heart, Taylor!


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