Saturday, January 21, 2012

It's snow fun

We've finally had a little blast of winter around here.  Late January is pretty late for us for a first measurable snow fall, and while I'm not exactly snow's biggest fan, it still excites me.  Those same giddy feelings I'd fall asleep with as a kid still fill me even now when I hear snow may be on the way, and I still love opening my eyes to asses the color of the light streaming in the windows on what might just be a snow day.  Snow light is a little softer, a little bluer; you can feel it somehow.  I still sometimes squeeze my eyes shut as I pull back the curtain, then hope I'll see white when I lift my lids.

This morning?  Winner.

I've been so looking forward to watching Sweet Pea play in the snow for the first time.  Since she couldn't even crawl last winter, playing in the snow wasn't exactly going to happen for us.  She watched with awe a couple of weeks ago as some flakes flew from the sky, but not enough fell to make  it possible to play.

Today I got to bundle my baby in all of the layers needed to ease my mind over, "Will she be warm enough?"  My own mother is incessantly concerned about the warmth of small things, so that's rubbed off on me just a bit.  I panicked a little when I realized I didn't have a scarf for my baby, but I decided she would be fine.  I did put two pairs of socks on her little toes.

She was excited, but hated her snow suit at first.  Can I just state, for the record, that there are three things you can't beat when it comes to adorable attire for children?  First- anything that makes them look like a furry woodland creature.  Second- miniature tuxes for boys.  I die.  Third- snow outfits.

When we stepped outside, she looked around a little dazedly.  She looked at the ground, confused.  Finally, she looked up at me with that smile on her face and laughed out loud.  It was like she was saying, "Mama!  Someone played a really funny trick on us!  Everything is white!"



She loved walking in it.  At one point she leaned over to inspect some ice, lost her balance a little, and in strange super-slow-motion kind of collapsed on her side.  Perhaps she wanted to see just how soft all of her padding was?  Then, of course, since she could hardly move her arms, she got a little stuck.  Whenever she is stuck she tells us, "Uck! Uck!" We always rescue her.

She didn't like the snow on her gloves, and kept trying to shake it off.  She got a little frustrated when some of it wouldn't come off all the way.  But finally, she decided to taste it and there was no going back.  It made me smile to remember Bean doing the same thing at about the same age.  We got her all bundled up, took her outside, and what did she do?  Sat down on her little bum and ate snow until her lips turned blue.

"Bite, Dada?"  (She wanted him to taste it, too.)
My hands were cold, and I was worried about her rosy-cold cheeks, so we headed home.  For hot chocolate, of course.  I was a little disappointed in myself for forgetting to toss a blanket in the dyer for us to cuddle up in when we got home.  My mom always did that.

The hot chocolate was winner enough, though.  We now have a baby who asks for "Oc-ate? Oc-ate?"
"Say, 'Chocolate!" "Oc-ate!"
Then it was off to play, nap and try to pick up the cat and put her in the doll stroller.  Sorry, Biddy-kitty.  I shouldn't have showed her that.  ;)


  1. So cute! We got almost all ice, here.... I didn't even take Ellie out in it :(

    Baby W is TOO stinkin' cute in her pink and snowy-ness!

  2. These are SO sweet! She like a little pink marshmallow walking around!

  3. She is SO cute in her little snow suit! Playdate soon? :)

  4. Glad you got to enjoy some snow finally! These pictures are just GORGEOUS and little Waverly is adorable in all that pink:).


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