Thursday, December 22, 2011

Santa! I (don't) know him!

Fact:  My child has terrible separation anxiety.

Fact:  It's been getting better lately.

Fact:  My child, who has terrible separation anxiety, actually has an affinity for men.

Fact:  This affinity for men extends particularly to men with beards.

Fact:  It will get creepy if she still feels that way when she's a teenager.

Fact:  Her Daddy is a man.  With a beard.

Fact:  That's our only explanation for this liking-men-with-beards thing.

Fact:  This made me think the whole Santa thing could go either way.

Fact:  I tended toward believing she was going to really Santa.

Fact:  I was wrong.


I could hardly peel her off of me.


She was actually so upset she was shaking.  I gave up immediately.
Fact:  Someone else loved Santa.

Like, LOVED him.

 Santa was so sweet and kind.  We went when it wasn't very busy and he chatted away for a long time with Bean about being good and what she wanted for Christmas.  I wish there hadn't been a wall in the way so we could have gotten a full shot of her sweet face.  Not to make a silly comparison, but the sweetness of it reminded me of what Jesus must have been talking about when he said, "Let the little children come to me."  That was, after all, what the real St. Nicholas was all about; children knowing Jesus. 


  1. Precious! No joke, I was kinda sad Ellie didn't throw a fit with Santa... those pics are great!

  2. Oh goodness! Is it bad that I think her upset face is just so adorable? I don't dare take N near Santa ... I think she'd pitch a total fit. ;)

  3. Next year you'll have to bring her to our own special Santa who is related to me. He really is the best Santa I have ever seen and all kids love him, beard or no beard.


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