Monday, December 12, 2011

A mountaintop day

I believe with my whole heart that relationships are what life is all about.  When I think back on our Thanksgiving week, I am so thankful that we got to spend so much quality time with people that we love.    Those are the moments and memories that make life so grand.

I always refer to my friend Jess as one of my former roommates, but in actuality she and her roommate lived across the hall from my roommate and me freshman year of college.  Our doors were always open though, and the four of us basically lived in each other's rooms.  You could often find us piled on someone's bed (usually Stacy's) to watch Joe Millionaire (yes, kids, one of the first "reality" shows!) or Judging Amy and eat ice-cream with warm peanut butter topping.  We had enough inside jokes to run on for hours, and kept a quote wall with all the hilarious (read: ridiculous) things we said and did.  We went to football games together and sang karaoke on my birthday.  We ran to the dining hall for "late night" snacks like mozarella sticks and nachos and ate calzones on the floor of our rooms.  We laughed until we cried, we cried over bad break-ups and teased over new guys.  That was a good, good year and I can't believe that come this September, an entire decade will have passed since those silly days when our biggest worries were psych exams and chemistry labs.

Amazingly, all four of us are still in the area and though we don't see each other nearly as often as we'd like, we still get together whenever we can. Among the four of us we have celebrated a master's degree, a PT school degree, three weddings, one baby and one dog who is so special he practically is a baby.

So it was a special treat to spend the better part of a whole day hiking and picnicking with Jess, Brian and Knox on the Saturday after Thanksgiving.  Knox is J and B's pitbull rescue fur baby, and you'd be hard-pressed to find a cooler, sweeter, funnier dog.  Sweet Pea loves him to pieces, and he tolerates her so kindly it reminds me of the Carl books.  (Ever seen those precious books?  The one where the mom leaves the baby in the care of the sweet  Rotweiler?)  Sweet Pea may have won him over even more when he discovered how apt she is to drop food out of her hand on the way to her mouth, and how willing she is to share her banana with him.

The weather was incredible (especially for late November) and we got amazing views while we hiked the loop at one of our favorite hiking spots.  We are pretty good at talking a mile a minute while hiking around a mountain, and Sweet Pea even snuck in a nap.

Almost asleep...

Don't worry; I only let her head flop like that for a second while J snapped the shot!

Feeding the doggy was the best part of her day.

We made it!


It was really a perfect day.  Don't you want a sweet pit pup now?  Check out Jess's blog and see all the amazing work she and Brian are doing fostering doggies who need homes!          

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  1. Oh these memories, old and new! I got goosebumps remembering about freshman year... has it really been almost 10 years?! Crazy. Well look at us, right where we said we'd be. That recent saturday is a perfect memory... I love how you captured it so well!


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