Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Moment by Moment

I've been going through photos from this year to create some albums as Christmas gifts, and it's making me a little emotional.  I'm just overcome with the grandness and goodness of this life we're living and thrilled that I get to have a living record of all that we've done and become.

Last night, Sweet Pea cracked up when she saw her Daddy kiss me.  It turned into a game.  "Mama kiss Daddy!  Muah!  Baby kiss Mama!  Muah!  Oh, so nice!  Daddy kiss Baby!  So sweet!"  Sweet Pea would make huge kissey sounds and throw her head back and crack up after each kiss.  It was one of those moments that was too precious to interrupt by trying to get a camera.

Sometimes I panic a little when I don't get a picture of a precious moment.  I hate to think that I'm going to forget it.  I probably will; I have a terrible memory.  Lately, though, I'm wondering if it really matters as much as I think it does.  Even if I forget a moment, maybe that's ok.  Maybe those moments are just meant to knit hearts closer together and the sum of all of them is what makes relationships precious and life grand.  

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  1. Precious!!! :D :D Sweet Pea is so adorable!

    And thank you for the reminder that it's okay if I don't remember everything...It's the sum total of our lives together. Thank you!


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