Sunday, December 18, 2011

Cookies, pt. 1

As the parent of a young gluten-free child, I often worry a little about how we will handle social situations that involve food. Since I wasn't diagnosed with celiac disease until I was 20, I never had to worry about being the "weird" kid who couldn't eat stuff at parties.

I'm finding though, like so many situations in life, that it's all not so big a deal.

We went to a cookie decorating party this afternoon, and we ha a wonderful time. We saw and met friends old and new and got to spend time with dear friends we miss and don't get to see very often. I brought a small tub of gluten-free cookies, put a little icing in a separate bowl for Sweet Pea, and plopped her down with the rest of the kids. It took a little extra supervision of course, but it was no big deal otherwise at all. So many kids have food allergies and intolerances these days that it's never much of a big deal or surprise.

And once again, cuteness abounded with abandon.

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