Monday, November 28, 2011

Part of the Action

We had a really busy week.

A really good week.  But a really, really busy week, in spite of all my comments lately about how I need to slow down and not try to be superwoman and etc., etc., etc.  Honestly, though, we filled our week with friendships and fun and family and I really wouldn't change a thing.  Check that- if I had to change some things, I would have taken out the vet visit with the sick cat after shopping sales til 2 am and getting out again at 8 am.  I think I would have changed all of that.  The deals were almost worth it all, though.

I digress.

My little one is turning out to be much like her mama.  We girls don't like to miss out on any part of the action, ever.  If there is fun to be had, we want to be right in the thick of things.

Girls, I'm dubbing our now annual day-before-Thanksgiving hang out "Tater Tot Breakfast" and we're making it a tradition.
Who needs school when you can eat tater tots at my house with the cutest kid ever?
Miss thing is slowly, but surely, getting over this separation anxiety thing.  I keep comparing her to my beloved childhood pet cat named, incidentally, Baby.  Baby was a small, fluffy, blue-eyed, utterly beautiful cat.  Her expression was so sweet and her fur soft as duckling down.  It was all a scam.  My friends would come over, see the kitty looking so sweetly, then reach down to pat that lovely fur.  Suddenly, her ears would and she would scratch them to bits.  Sweet Pea is the same way, but instead of scratching, she screams.  A sweet friend's heart will fill with love from looking at my pretty little girl, but try to scoop her up and it's all over.  She becomes a screaming fit, crying for Mama or Dada and pushing them away.

Until lately!

She's learning that our friends love her.  If we love and trust them, they are fair game for her.  She's smiling and laughing and wanting to be held by most folks lately.  This makes her mama very, very happy.  And it makes Sweet Pea happy, because sometimes those friends have things like tater tots to feed her or funny faces to make for her or exciting games to play with her.

Her Pop Pop even has her favorite book to read to her on Thanksgiving Day while her mama and Groovy and cousin make dinner.

She scooted her little self back and forth all day long, from watching us cook in the kitchen to reading books with Pop Pop.

She stands on a step stool at the end of my counter and watches me cook all the time.  I know, I know; she could fall, but she loves it so much that I've finally just given it.  She loved it especially on Thanksgiving because she got to sample lots of snacks.
Mmm, baby toes.
Her Groovy (my MIL) loves to bake with her grandkids.  She says that the first step to baking to to swipe flour across your face.  Rice flour, as the case may be in a gluten-free home.
 You know what wasn't a part of the action at our Thanksgiving?  Gluten.  No gluten at all at our Thanksgiving, and we didn't miss it one bit.
Gluten-free cinnamon roll.

My savory sweet potatoes.

Mulled cranberry punch.

Quinoa stuffing.
We had a wonderful Thanksgiving Day, and were amazed to think back on all of the blessings we have cherished this year.  We are thankful for friends and family and the abundance of (gluten-free) food we have been provided with this year.

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