Thursday, November 03, 2011


Oh, holidays.  I love them so much.  I love traditions and making a fuss and family and memories and laughter.  I love seeing kids in funny costumes and getting to give them candy.  I love left-over halloween candy.  Halloween is such a perfect fall climax that leads to the resolution with Thanksgiving.  It's sweet and it's funny and starts the process of pondering all that I'm thankful for in this sweet life.

Sweet Pea outgrew her thrifted shark costume by the time Halloween came around, so we opted for Bean's old dragon costume and Bean dressed as a princess.  I tried desperately to make Jane and the Dragon happen, but (surprise!) three-and-a-half-year-old girls who happen to be obsessed with Tangled aren't super into dressing up as knights.  Oh, well.  They were still super adorable just as they were.

Our friend Jen came over to hang out with us, and we started the night by trying to get a group shot of all the neighborhood kids.  It was catastrophic and adorable and hilarious all in one.


All of my shots turned out completely ridiculous, but this one is my favorite because my melting-down dragon child is trying to escape and her two little boyfriends are trying to comfort her.  Those three were all born within weeks of each other, and we love to play together!
We love M and J!

My mom made those trick-or-treating bags when we were kids.  I always felt special to have a cool bag when everyone else had a pillowcase.

At one point, she ended up with a mini Butterfinger in her clutches and refused to give it up.  We let her hold it, figuring she'd just, well, hold it...but within moments she had torn it open and was going to town on her first piece of candy.  Girlfriend doesn't play when it comes to chocolate, I guess.  She gets that from her dad.  He and I once had this conversation while we were dating:
Him- "There are two things you don't mess with.  My ice cream and my chocolate."
Me- "What about your girlfriend?!"
Him, sizing me up and down- "You can take care of yourself."

He was right, though.  I'm pretty tough, as long as he kills the spiders.

After trick-or-treating, we came home for chili and let each girl have one treat.  That ends Sweet Pea's escapades with chocolate until Christmas, but she sure did enjoy it while it lasted.  She also enjoyed this bottle with her cousin.

Then it was goodnight kisses for all before heading to bed.

Coincidentally, we found these fake teeth in her bag the next morning and it turned out to be Sweet Pea's favorite thing ever for about five minutes.  She thought she was hilarious.

She was.  Hilarious and adorable, just like always.


  1. She is adorable, Taylor! Where do you get all of these incredible costumes?? (Theoretical question--I know you're the most awesome thrift store shopper ever).

    PS. I photographed a girl with the sweater Waverly is wearing the final's so cute!

  2. OH MY WORD ... the fake teeth. HILARIOUS. Also? I love that conversation with Lenny. Sounds like something Chris would say!


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