Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Happy Trails

It's a widely-known fact that I love a good deal.  It's also a widely-known fact that I love me some yard sales.  So when I saw this baby at a yard sale and found out the price was only $15, I was sold.  I didn't even haggle!

All week long, I felt wiggly with excitement.  I just had a feeling, a good feeling, about this.  Lenny and I had really gotten into biking and were enjoying it a lot just before I got pregnant with Sweet Pea, and we haven't really ridden since because it just wasn't reasonable with a baby.  

Except now it is reasonable.  Well, at least it is reasonable on the very flat C&O Canal trails and with a very strapping young husband.  

It was a cool, crisp and cloudy day, which was perfect when you're tugging about 55 lbs on a bike.  We biked for approximately 4 minutes (nope, not a typo), then stopped for lunch because I was starving.  

One of our bunch is currently obsessed with playing dress up.  She begged with utter desperation to be allowed to wear her "princess dress on the bike ride."  Why not?  Someday all too soon she'll have a job and learn was business casual means and princess dresses won't be a possibility.  Let them be little.

It wasn't all sunshine and roses.  I definitely heard my fair share of, "The baby is looking at me!" and broke up several "mine!" fights, in spite of the fact that they each had two toys.  (I was pretty jealous of their little pile of comfy and fun they had going on in there.)  But all in all, they both loved the bike trip.  They were so content and cuddly, and got excited whenever Lenny went fast.

The trail was gorgeous and strikingly empty.  I couldn't believe so few people were out enjoying such a lovely spot, with the trees so colorful and the river showing itself between bends in the path.  We loved it and can't wait to squeeze in a few more trips before it gets too cold.

Good job, weekend.  That was some of the most delicious fun I've had in awhile.

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  1. Um, I totally want to be in that little ... um ... I have no idea what to call it!

    You got some great photos, lady! :) They are SO cute, even when they're upset. ;)


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