Saturday, October 01, 2011

Goodbye, Summer

Photo by my mom, editing by me
You were good to us this year, Summer.  Real good.



Photo by my mom, editing by me

Thanks for going out with a bang.  I don't know if the weather today could have been any more perfect.  Tonight is rainy and cold, and I hear there's talk of snow in the mountains.  But hush.  We instead will enjoy our faintly burnt noses and remember the sun and sand in our hair.  

Photo by my mom, editing by me

You will certainly be missed, Summer, but we'll see you again soon.  In the meantime, we'll enjoy holidays and getting snowed in and celebrate some birthdays.  Before we know it, May will come and your goodness will roll right back.  Goodbye for now, but just for now.  

The winner of the MyMemories giveaway is commenter #4, Mama Marchand.  
Congrats, girl!  Thanks to all who participated.


  1. Oh. my. word! Those swimming caps are absolutely adorable!! Are they Janie and Jack? I saw some last year and really regret not getting one!

    Yes, summer is over. I'm bummed, but am trying to embrace the excitement of Fall. I've had morning sickness twice during this season, so it carries some baggage now. I'm hoping that it will be redeemed this year:).

  2. what beautiful beach babes! i miss summer already! and fall - where did that go? ;)


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