Friday, October 21, 2011


The Good
- My husband is playing guitar to my baby right now.  She is singing.
- My baby has been climbing up into my lap on her own, which is adorable in and of itself.  But once she gets there she says, "Boosh?" which means, "Books?" which means, "Mama, will you read me a book?"
- I love fall.
- My BFF Stacy (Daisy, as nicknamed by Bean) and I took Sweet Pea to get a pumpkin this afternoon.
- I love the girls in my neighborhood and I'm blessed to live here, even though I can't have chickens and I can't use my backyard because there is a creeper who lives behind us and watches us nonstop if we're back there.
- We found Arrested Development on Netflix Instant View.
- We are going on a bike trip tomorrow with our new pull-behind baby trailer, purchased at a yard sale last weekend for $15.
- We had gluten-free pizza for dinner.

The Bad
- We had pizza for dinner because I forgot to plug in the crock pot.  We were going to have split pea soup. I love split pea soup, but I think my husband only pretends to like it.
- We were supposed to go camping this weekend, but it was too cold.  I was sorely bummed.
- We are supposed to be having a pizza and movie home date right now.  It got sidetracked due to a series of unfortunate events.

The Ugly
- I had an eye doctor appointment this week because I thought I needed reading glasses.  Instead, it turns out that I have something called corneal infiltrates, in quite an advanced stage.  White blood cells are attacking my corneas, quite possibly because of my good 'ole autoimmune disease friend Celiac Disease. As a result, I have to put crazy drops in my eyes every hour for a week so that basically I don't go blind.  I can't wear any eye makeup and I am only allowed to wear my glasses, which are my super old and hideous ones because my husband accidentally stepped on my cute ones awhile back.  I am so sorry if you have to look at me in the coming weeks.  New glasses are getting ordered.  I can't do anything about the lack of makeup.
- Let me reiterate: No makeup for at least a week.

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