Monday, August 15, 2011

I scream...

My baby loves ice cream.  She even has a special sound that means, "MORE ICE CREAM. NOW." Except it sounds like, "EEEHAAAAAAHHHHRRRRR :(" The only way to get the sound to stop is to give her more ice cream.  You can avoid the sound entirely though if you just keep the ice cream coming at a steady pace.

Case in point.  Ice cream at the fair.

This photo illustrates my point that the Sleepy Wrap rocks.  You really can be hands free while holding your baby!

You can be so hands free that you feel like you have three hands!  Hey, wait a second...

Who is that usurping my ice cream?!

This photo illustrates another point, that Sweet Pea does in fact have my nose.  Sure, mine has a hump there from being
broken one too many times.  But use your mind-Photoshop and flatten it back out.  See?  My nose previous to horse
feet and a big tree is the same as her nose.  It really was a nice nose, so I'm glad to see it resurrected in my offspring.

Photos by the hubby, editing by me.


  1. a girl after my own heart. I <3 ice cream!

  2. Such a cute series of shots! :)


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