Saturday, August 20, 2011

11 Months

Dear Baby Girl,

How can it be that your first birthday is just around the corner?  You still seem to tiny and new to me, so each and every new accomplishment astonishes me.  How can such a tiny baby say actual words?  Or crawl so fast?  Or stand on her own?

You adore your cousin and said her name for the first time two weeks ago!
You are so ready to be "big," but I am glad for your tiny toes and rolly legs.  You are so soft and kissable.  When you wake up in the morning and call for me, I get you and snuggle you close in bed and relish covering you with kisses.  You still love to sing with me, your head on my chest, humming away.  

You learned how to climb the stairs in the middle of July and now your favorite game is to go to the edge of the stairs and look over your shoulder at me, then laugh and try to climb as fast as you can while I chase you.  You think you are hilarious.  It's the same game you play when you want us to chase you.  We love your breathy laughter as you crawl away as fast as you can.

Your teeth have come in so fully, so now you can take bites things like soft carrots or french fries.  It's actually the cutest thing ever.  You are like a little chipmunk, taking bites and storing them in your cheeks.  Your favorite foods are probably bananas, yogurt, blueberries and cheese, although you like most everything but eggs.  You tried pizza for the first time last Saturday and about lost your mind you loved it so much.

I had to leave you for a whole week away at camp, but you were such a good and sweet girl.  It was so wonderful to get to talk to you on the phone and have you actually listen, understand, and respond.  The first time you ever did that was the first day I left.  I adored hearing your little voice say, "Hiiiiiii!"  I sang to you a couple of time on the phone and you even sang with me.  You also learned that week how to tickle Daddy, fake cough and do this hilarious open-mouthed hoarse sound that we call "The Godfather."
You love to give high-fives and you're so good at pointing to pictures you know in books.  You'll find the kitty in any book every time.  You're so smart and funny and we just delight in you.
Happy 11 months, baby girl.  I can't believe in just three and a half weeks you'll be ONE.   


  1. Happy 11 months, sweet W! What a cutie and what awesome photos! Nothing like a pair of chucks with a froofy dress. ;)

  2. Aw, she is too cute in that outfit! I love this post.


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