Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Daddy Day

*Just a reminder that you have to hit "play" in the playlist at the bottom of the page to hear the music.  Which you should, because all of my songs are very intentional, in case you hadn't noticed! Today's is "Hey, Soul Sister" which we adore because parts of it fit for my and hubby's relationship, and some parts fit for our Sweet Pea.*

We got married in 2007.  It was the day before Fathers' Day.  None of us realized that the dates coincided so closely, or we would have done it a week later.  I remember feeling pretty awful that I had gone and gotten married the day before my dad's day.

Now, I feel differently.  I think it's pretty significant to have the two celebrations so close together.  Our fourth anniversary was on Thursday, and tomorrow we celebrate Fathers' Day.  I owe a lot of the fact that I have a wonderful husband to the fact that I have a wonderful dad.  
  Circa 1984

Gosh, I look just like Bean
My mom always said it would be for me a find a man as wonderful as my dad, and I knew she was right, but my sweet guy sure is giving it a go with all of his heart.

Photo by Peter J. Casey
The day we got home from our honeymoon I landed the worst Costa Rican stomach flu known to mankind.  I ended up in the hospital for four days.  I heard Dr. Phil say the other day not to marry anyone until you've seen them with the stomach flu.  We weathered that storm after marriage and let me tell you, nothing says "newlyweds" like camping out all night in an armchair while your wife lies in a hospital bed.  

We've been through so much already, and because of the example of my dad, I've known all along marriage and real love are about more than fluttery feelings and playing house.  Real love makes a choice every day, and real marriage is about holding hands through thick and thin, up and down, hospitals and hotels, being broke and being less broke, and all around.  

Real love is about a solid home built on the rock of Christ, a home where babies are made and loved and grown, and little girls learn once again that the daddy they love and adore is good because his Father is even better.

Happy Anniversary, babe, and Happy Fathers' Day to the two men I adore.  I don't know who or where we'd be without you!

Bean and her Grandpa

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